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Kindergarten - January Notes

In January the Kindergarten classes began their tour around the world, beginning with North America.

The children made salt paintings while studying amazing facts about polar bears.

The Kindergartners worked more on story sequencing and created a Polar Bear tree map.

The children had fun labeling the different parts of a walrus on the life size picture hanging in the classroom!


Next stop - Antarctica! The children made crayon resist paintings of penguins while learning facts about the birds. The children also worked on penguin facts using "have", "can", and "are" terms.


The students made a graph of their favorite penguins. The children also made life-size pictures of their favorite types of penguins with a few important facts. They were amazed to learn that the emperor penguin was the same height as they are!


The children enjoyed writing more stories using penguins as the focus of their text.