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Parent Testimonials

Kindergarten Testimonial 1

If you are reading this, then you are probably at a crossroads of deciding whether or not to send your child to Kindergarten at LCC. As a public school teacher with two children who have gone through the LCC program and two more who will, please let me share just a few thoughts with you.

First, the student to teacher ratio cannot be beat. In the public schools, most kindergarten classes have 24 students, some of whom have minimal support at home, requiring a lot of time and attention from the teacher. At LCC the maximum ratio is 1 to 14, but most years, the classes have between 10 and 12 students. This much lower ratio allows for a lot of individualized attention and the opportunity to explore learning that interests the class.

Next, the kindergarten staff at LCC is incredible. Both teachers are extremely passionate, creative, and energetic. It is hard not to smile and have a good time when around them! They both definitely know what they are doing, but are never too busy to take a few minutes to answer questions or make your child feel like the most important person in the world. It says a lot when kids want to go to school and are sad when school is not in session. Not only will your child be with the incredible classroom teachers, but there are additional teachers involved with the kindergarten who are just as passionate and caring.

Last, the kindergarten program offers the same extras as the public school (art, PE, music), but also includes Spanish and Seed Time. The kids love learning Spanish and as a parent, I love that my children’s education continues to be Christian-based. They learn about the religious
holidays and develop morals that cannot be taught in the public schools.

I cannot think of a reason why public school kindergarten would be a better choice to meet your child’s learning needs. I strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider this incredible opportunity for your child.

Thank you for letting me share my passion with you!


Kindergarten Testimonial 2


While both my children participated in the LCC Preschool programs, our second child was the only one to continue on to participate in the Kindergarten program. We believe that this has benefited him in his development particularly his reading and pronunciation. The primary factorswhich contributed to our decision to send him to LCC instead of the resident school district were the consistency of school days, small classroom sizes, and the hands on and availability of
teachers to be able to work one on one with all the students.

We reside in a district in which Kindergarten students do not attend every day, but alternate days and every other Friday. LCC’s four days a week for six hours prepares the students for a longer days that they will have in first grade, but does not overwhelm a five or six year old child. It’s still manageable and I believe more productive from the students’ perspective.

The small class size is a tremendous asset to the child’s development and social skills. The average size classroom in our resident district is approximately 18 to 20 students to one teacher and no aide. The benefit of having a teacher concentrated on a fewer number of students allows the opportunity for each child to receive individual attention on their own strengths and

We also believe there is a better concentration on the core activities such as reading, math, problem solving, and writing than at our resident district. Due to the inconsistency of the Kindergarten schedule in the resident district, I think the children are not in the classroom focusing on the core subjects as opposed to attending the specials as dictated by the school district. LCC has the schedule to allow the attendance of “specials” but adequate time to focus
on the core subjects.

Kindergarten Testimonial 3


LCC Kindergarten is an amazing program. My second child finished last year and moving on to first grade is at the top of her class. LCC played a huge role in making this happen. She was so excited every day to come home and let me know what she learned and practice for the next day so she could let her teacher know what she has done. She loved going to school absolutely every day. I can't say enough about the teachers and the office staff.
LCC is a family! My family has made connections and friends at LCC that I know we will continue over out lifetime and I will always be thankful for what my children have been able to accomplish due to their attendance at LCC.